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A Great look at Money in the church

June 4th, 2012

Report: Christian women give 300% more than the average American
by NCF staff | May 24, 2012 | Category: News | Tags: giving, survey, women

Women Doing Well announced the findings of a new survey among Christian women that measured key generosity motivations and barriers. In the nationwide study, over 7,300 women shared their opinions about why they give and why they don’t.

According to the survey, “Women own it, marry it, inherit it, earn it, save it, and spend it. As much as 90 cents on every dollar will pass through the hands of women. She inherits the family wealth: An estimated 70% of $41 trillion in wealth transfer will go to daughters. She receives the marital assets: The average age of a widow is 57. And she’s growing in personal earning capacity: 70% of women work outside the home, one in eleven working age women is an entrepreneur, and the majority of degrees are earned by women. Women are increasingly becoming the richer gender. As they grow in wealth, will they grow in generosity? Will this herald a new era in charitable giving?”

Key findings from the survey:

Christian women are generous – In fact, they’re more than 300% more financially generous than the average American (who gives 2.5%) and 400% more generous with their time.

More women are directing household financial giving – 92% make the decision to give within their household (39% as sole decision maker and 53% jointly with spouse).

There is a strong correlation between knowing one’s life purpose and giving – Those with a strong sense of personal calling and purpose gave 13.7% of income to charity versus those that were not sure of their calling (gave 5% less).

The #1 driver for generosity among women is personal spiritual discipline – As women grow in Biblical knowledge, their giving grows in lock step. Those that rated themselves as high on biblical knowledge gave an average 13.6% of income to charity.

Surprising Finding: Only about 1 in 3 (37%) women indicated that their church was very helpful in growing their financial generosity

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