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Complementarian? Anthony Tony Campolo says "No Thanks"

June 3rd, 2012

Tony Campolo counseled the president Bill Clinton, has been a professor at Eastern Baptist Seminary [now Palmer]. Campolo addressed the complementarian question by asking the question is “Evangelicalism sexist?” in the compedium titled “How I changed my mind about Women in Leadership”. Campolo writes that he “got into big trouble” telling a large group of Baptist leaders that”those who prevented women from being ordained to the preaching ministry were perpetrating an evil practice”. Campolo later relates that when asked at a question and answer session “Who is supposed to be the head of the house?” Complementarians would wince in pain from the next statement in his article. Campolo writes, “When I hear such a question, I am inclined to say, “If you were really a Christian you wouldn’t ask a question like that.” ….”Fortunately” writes Campolo, “I don’t have to be that tough in my answer.” I am not sure how Mark Driscoll, Tim Keller, and John Piper would give a complementarian response to that inner protected attitude.

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