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Some Interesting Numbers

November 12th, 2010

$139,000 Median salary for senior pastors at megachurches (2,000+ in weekly attendance).
$60,000 Median salary for men’s ministry pastors at megachurches.
$47,000 Median salary for women’s ministry pastors at megachurches.

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  1. mcastillo says

    First, is there a point or an opinion you are trying to make with these figures? If not, then at first glance I think that either the church has some real big time givers who allow the general allocation of funds to provide salaries that are sustainable in light of the rest of the budget, or maybe people are receiving beyond what is legitimate in light of what the church could be doing with the funds otherwise. The most important aspect is that this is a place designed to teach, equip and aid people in sanctification with fellowship. I was watching a report on police chiefs in large districts in major metropolitan areas and their salaries. Some of these people make up to 300+ thousand annually. Needless to say, that bought on some pretty intriguing questions as to how the city’s leaders were deciding to allocate their funds. A six figure salary in general is a lot of money. It’s likely the influence of our culture and the ridiculous nature of our economy to exceed what is necessary and over-consume.

    November 17th, 2010 | #

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