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In Honor of Clark Pinnock

August 21st, 2010

In Honor of Clark Pinnock

Clark Pinnock spared me from many dangerous things as a struggling undergrad student -literally- fighting for my spiritual life. Francis Schaeffer, Clark Pinnock, John Warwick Montgomery and Harold O.J. Brown spared me a lot of pain in the early 1970’s. I studied Bultmann, Bornkamm and Germans until I could practically speak the language like a native although I read their works in English in my undergrad theology program.

Not least among all of those four men was Pinnock. He authored two works which truly impacted me for the whole of my Christian life: “Biblical Revelation” cemented the authority of Scripture into my heart at a crucial time when I was 21 years old, fighting for my life -literally- sitting under liberal scholars night and day as an undergrad student. His other work, “Truth on fire: a study of Galatians” highlighted grace for me in a way which nothing else to that point had done. Although, I later disagreed with him completely on open theism, I look forward to seeing him in glory and thanking him for protecting me as a kid. Thank you Clark Pinnock for protecting this young theology student when he could have easily perished.

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