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How bad is it out there financially?

March 27th, 2009

Look at these numbers for state and government pension short falls:
Pennsylvania Pension Funds Inform State Lawmakers of $28 Billion in Losses

US Corporate Pension Plans Lost $445 Billion in 2008

Tennessee’s Public Employee Pension System Lost $5 Billion in Past Six Months

New Mexico’s Public Pension Funds Need Increased Contributions After $5 Billion in Losses

Washington State’s Taxpayers Owe $5.9 Billion to Oldest Public Employee Pension Plans

72% of New York City Firefighters Who Retired Since 2004 Are Collecting Disability Pensions

Detroit’s Public Employee Pensions Lost More Than $2 Billion

Tough Choices for Colorado’s State Workers After $13 Billion Pension Fund Loss

Virginia’s Pension Fund Loses $13 Billion

Down by $80 Billion, CalPERS Charts New Course for Investment Mix

US Companies Face $109 Billion Pension Tab in 2009

State Pension Funds $865 Billion Loss Means New Hires Get Less

Kentucky Pension Plan Funding Gaps Grow to $30 Billion

Big 3 Pension Fund Shortfall Has Grown to $41 Billion, Warns PBGC

California’s $48 Billion Unfunded Health Care Liability for Retired State Employees

New Jersey’s $130 Billion Pension Under-funding, a Problem Too Large to Ignore

Public Employee Pension Funds Paid Out a Record $168 Billion in 2007

Social Security: Our National Ponzi Scheme

Global Pensions Lost $5 Trillion in 2008

Canada’s Corporate Pension Plans Take a Pounding, Falling 28% in 2008

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