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39% of Christianity Today readers leave church

April 23rd, 2008

Having been a pastor, I simultaneously understand this behavior and wince at the same time. I have had a brief period of time in my 35+ years as a Christian that I did not go to church, I simply could not take it. As it is right now, I attend a post-modern emergent service at a Methodist church on Tuesday nights. I enjoy it very much and many times am one of the oldest people there.

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  1. JacobSchriftman says

    Thanks for sharing this info, Ron! Very interesting. I have a hard time relating to a particular church at the moment, too – and, if I did have to pick, would resonate with the Emergent movement perhaps more than with any other. I recently spoke on a DTS in which Emergent thought had a big influence. Seems to be spreading. If it creates a more open-minded, truth-loving, and relevant Christianity, I’m all for it.

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