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Christianity Today, Justification and Trinitarian theology

July 22nd, 2007

We must salute Christianity Today  magazine for their recent statement in the print edition [p.20, July, 2007].    The editors stated that,
“Why justification by faith alone is still our defining doctrine…

In a later paragraph they wrote:

“…God credits Jesus’ righteousness to those who trust in him, declaring them just and acquitting them of their sins.

Such a radical idea has caused many to think: This is too good to be true.  Surely I must contribute something to the porcess.  But we contribute nothing.  We don’t even contribute faith.  With God’s gift of faith, we paradoxically deny the meritorious nature of human action and affirm the work of another.  It is not faith in faith, but faith in Christ.”

What a wonderful trinitarian statement for that magazine to make.

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