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Obama Theology and Ethics Lecture: Trinitarian Theology

June 24th, 2007

In a recent speech on June 23,  in Hartford, Connecticut,  Barack Obama gave some politically enlightened comments to  the United Church of Christ Convention.  He addressed abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, intelligent design, Bible reading,  and tax cuts for the rich.  He would fit right in with some of the theological seminaries within an hour or two of his speech.  Of course, the chief objects of his scorn were the “Christian Right”.  With Jerry Falwell in heaven now, we are more ethereal [and difficult]  to demonize.  We are the “Christian Right”.  I am sure that Tony Campolo, Ron Sider and Jim Wallis appreciate his wholesale trashing.  He reminds me of many of the Evangelical Trinitarian  preachers he despises and that is: He is “almost right”.

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